Begin Within Health helps young people, and those young at heart, to learn emotional regulation, adaptability, resilience and most importantly, self-care, through Meditation, Kids Yoga, Reiki, nutrition and natural medicine education.

As a public health educator for 10+ years, I’ve worked with adults who have made poor health and life choices for themselves. It’s not because they aren’t smart enough, or that they don’t have access to the right information. It’s that they haven’t learned how to care for themselves, to truly value and deeply love themselves.

We can begin by teaching this next generation to put their attention on self-compassion, to be kind to Self. Only then can we be kind and compassionate towards others. Only then is kindness and compassion towards others easy and effortless.

Begin Within. Today.

Christene Lee Gerardi

I’m an Integrative Medicine Educator, having studied the full range of holistic and alternative medicine methods and modalities in graduate level course work. I’ve worked with groups and individuals on how to use complementary and alternative medicine when their conventional medicine didn’t serve them well.

I’m a Certified Public School Health Teacher in Massachusetts and earned a Masters degree in Health Education from Boston University.

I’m a Certified Meditation Teacher and have designed and taught a Wellness and Meditation class in a public middle school. I modified the same Introduction to Meditation course for the community, teaching adults and families.

I’m a Certified Kids Yoga Instructor, teaching yoga in a fun and playful way with an emphasis on meditation and mindfulness.

I’m a Reiki Practitioner having become aware of my own energy and that of others, and how to use it for health and healing.

I’m a Re-Creator with an undergraduate degree in Recreation Administration where I studied the business of play and leisure. I learned from the beginning how to re-create ourselves with humor, opportunity and relaxation.

I am a Speaker and Educator. My style is a little bit cerebral, a little bit of zen and a touch of stand-up comedy.

Over the course of my life, my friends and colleagues have consistently commented on three assets I possess:

  1. I’m a great writer.
  2. I’m so funny.
  3. I can eat a lot.

Let me explain. I do love to write, having started in high school with a wonderful writing teacher. My writing got funnier as my life got more intense, stressful or depressing. I’m no longer depressed but life can still be intense and stressful. So writing is one way I handle the intense, stressful, sometimes absurdity of life. I’ve started many books and will continue to have them edited by others. I’ll let you know when you can read one.

About the food thing. I can eat. I love to eat. I love everything about eating: the taste, texture, aroma, the presentation, the process and ritual, the way it fills my belly and how it nourishes my body, spirit and soul. That said, I eat really well. I don’t mean expensive. I mean even the most simple and inexpensive meal is still full of nutrients and low on calories, unless it’s meant to be calorie-full (I’m thinking good fats). I also eat what works for my body. It doesn’t love dairy. It does better without grains. It loves high quality protein including bacon. It loves cruciferous veggies and root veggies seasonally. Berries seem to do well year around but some fruit only agrees with me during some seasons. I listen to my body and make changes to what I eat. And then, I eat a lot of it. yum yum.

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