Health 101

Ever wonder how much better your life might be if your middle and high school health classes were actually useful, interesting, valuable and actionable? Wouldn’t it be amazing if your class taught you how to be most effective and successful as an adult? Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn the following topical information as if you needed to use it as an adult?

Christene teaches the simplicity of a high school comprehensive health and wellness class inspired by adult clients in her consulting business who didn’t get this health class when they were in high school. Gently teaching personal responsibility on a true foundation of newly discovered self-esteem and personal values, trauma-aware, healing and thriving, students learn the purpose of the following school-based health topics:

  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Drug Use and Abuse
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Empathy, Violence and Stress Management
  • Sex Education
  • Self-esteem and Personal Values

“Build a deep and connected relationship with Self.”

You will learn how:

  • Your mental health affects your relationships, both friendships and romantic partners.
  • Making healthy choices becomes easier including for the use of drugs, choosing healthcare providers, losing weight.
  • Managing your stress creatively helps you get what you want in life: money/ career, love, self-respect and true happiness.

“This class is actually useful.”

Christene Gerardi, EdM

Christene earned her Masters degree in Health Education from Boston University and has worked with adult clients to teach them how to heal their chronic pain. She is a state licensed Health teacher and teaches high school health to 9th graders. She is madly in love with her life and wants others to know how to do this too!

How does it work?

We meet for 12 classes, learning via slide shows, personal assessments, in-class experiential exercises and weekly homework.

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